Secondary Tax Liens and Tax Deeds are an easy, secure, and profitable way to invest.

The Secondary Marketplace is the term used to describe purchasing tax liens or tax deeds from a non-government entity. Purchasing tax liens or tax deeds directly from the county is called Primary Market investing. When a tax-sale property that was originally purchased from the county is sold, it is a Secondary Market Investment. Read below to learn more about:

  • - Primary Tax Sale Market
  • - Secondary Tax Sale Market
  •         + Secondary Tax Liens 
  •         + Secondary Tax Deeds

Let’s first review the Primary Market first!

To understand how the secondary market works, you first need to understand the primary market. The Primary Market is any tax liens or deeds that are purchased directly from a government taxing authority. Primary market tax liens and deeds are always purchased from a government authority. It makes no difference whether it’s a city government, a county government, or a state. When tax liens or deeds are purchased directly from the local government, they’re being purchased on the Primary Market. To learn more about buying Tax Liens and Tax Deeds on the Primary Market, CLICK HERE to check out our Membership Program

Secondary Tax Deeds

Now, let’s talk about the Secondary Market!

So, if buying Tax Liens or Tax Deeds directly from the government is the Primary Market. Then buying tax liens or tax deeds from any other source would be considered the Secondary Market. This can also include buying tax liens or tax deeds from private resellers or even companies. Secondary investing includes selling and assigning tax liens from one investor to another, or even selling tax deeds on the wholesale market. When you are buying a tax lien or deed from someone except the government, it’s a secondary investment. Secondary Market Investing can be a good option for those investors that have capital but are just lacking the time needed to buy on the Primary Market.

Why isn’t everyone buying Secondary Investments?

The biggest problem with the secondary market is not finding the inventory. It is finding secondary tax liens or tax deeds worth buying. Many Secondary Providers buy the leftover dregs at huge discounts from banks and hedge funds in the secondary market. Afterward, many investors are left holding the bag on certificates that do not redeem and are secured by undesirable property with little chance of recouping even the original investment, let alone making a profit. We at will only offer Class A-C Tax Liens & Tax Deeds to our Members, which means acquiring good inventory is harder to find. You need to be mindful when buying secondary liens or deeds, there are several companies and investors looking to get rid of their toxic liens or deeds to unexpecting investors. It’s important to check for things like roll-up or multiple liens on a property, before buying a secondary tax lien or deed.

Need to sell your Portfolio? We can make you an Offer!

In addition to offering Secondary Investments to our Members, we also buy portfolios of Secondary Liens and Deeds. Sometimes investors for whatever reason will need to get sell their Portfolio quickly to recoup their investment. We can review your portfolio, and if it fits our criteria, we will make you an offer! Its that easy...

We will review each investment in your portfolio and will offer to buy them individually, or as a group depending on the quality of the properties. So, if you need to cash out quickly, fill out the form below to be contacted by one of our Portfolio Managers!

Secondary Tax Liens

Do you offer Secondary Market Tax Liens?

Until part way through the pandemic, we still could get unlimited Class A-B Tax Liens through our partner. After that point, it’s been more difficult to acquire higher-quality Tax Liens. We still do get good portfolios of Secondary tax liens. These are usually smaller portfolios and not the multi-six-figure portfolios that were available previously. Also, these secondary liens will be picked up very quickly by our Members. We have started building up our Secondary Tax Lien Inventory over 2023! But the best tax liens can go quickly, so let us know if you want to be on the new inventory email list?

Secondary Tax Deeds and Tax Liens

Do you offer Secondary Market Tax Deeds?

We always have an influx of Secondary Market Tax Deeds we can offer to Members of the Program. These Secondary Tax Deeds can be picked up through investment companies, individual investors and even program members selling their access inventory. Our Secondary Market Deeds can range from reselling the tax deed land, to fully rehabbed homes ready to be be used as rentals. Plus over the next year, we plan to increase our Secondary Tax Deed Investory by over 1000% to give our members more options to choose from. Over 2023 and 2024 we will be sending out reps to buy Tax Liens and Tax Deeds all across the county. Fill out the form below to be notified when we get new Secondary Market Tax Deeds!  

Portfolio Manager Investor Requirements

Most Secondary Market Investors need at least $10,000 to get started with this strategy. If you have less than 10K, we would probably recommend buying on the Primary Market. We do have some tax deed land that can be purchased for under $5,000, but your money will be better spent on the Primary Market. Most secondary market investors have more capital than they have time, and the Secondary Market is a great option. If you need some help with getting started on the Primary Market, CLICK HERE to set up a Strategy Call.

Working with your Portfolio Manager!

If you are interested in learning more about our Secondary Market Inventory, we can set up a time to speak with one of our Portfolio Managers. They will help you determine your investment strategy and can show you any inventory that fits those needs. If we don’t currently have your type of inventory, they can contact you when we get new secondary tax liens and deeds.

Set up a Call with a Portfolio Manager if you:

‌- Want to Invest in Secondary Market Tax Liens 
‌- Want to Invest in Secondary Market Tax Deeds 
‌- Want to Sell your Secondary Tax Liens or Deeds

Secondary Tax Deeds and Tax Liens-1

Fill out the Form to speak with a Portfolio Manager!

If we can help you either buy or sell Secondary Market Inventory, fill out the form listed below. One of our Portfolio Managers will contact you to set up an appointment. Please provide as much information as possible, this will help better determine how we can help you. We look forward to helping you and please include any questions. Thanks,

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