Event Schedule

3-Day Event Schedule:

Listed below are locations and dates for our upcoming 3-Day Workshops.

Training Topic

3-Day Workshop Curriculum

3 Full Days of Training and Mentoring + One on One Time...

  • Tax Lien Investing
  • Tax Deed Investing
  • Researching Sales Lists
  • Researching Records
  • Exit Strategies/Selling
  • Determine Value (CMA)
  • Property Deed Research
  • Online Auctions
  • Over The Counter
  • Investing At An Auction
3-Day Event Schedule
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3-Day Tax Sale Workshop
‌Event Details

Tickets Discounted 80% OFF Old Event Price:
  • Event Ticket Fee: Best Value in Tax Sale Training 

    When Stephen and Shade taught their first TSS 3-Day Workshop they had 4 attendees and event tickets where $2,999! But as we started growing we where able to drop the ticket cost to $1995, then $999 and now only $499! We believe this is the best value in Tax Sale Training. In fact, if you are not happy after the first day, let one of our trainers know and we will refund your money! We have taught 100s of 3-Day attendees, and members go home saying time well spent! Find out yourself, join us at our next 3-Day Tax Lien & Tax Deed Workshop!

  • Seating is limited: Still that small group feel

    Much has changed since Stephen and Shade taught their first 3-Day Workshop to four attendees. But what has stayed the same is the personal help and quality of knowledge shared on the 3-Day. We try to keep our seating down to twenty or less tickets per event. In addition, we bring several of our top coaches and trainers to each event. Members will spend time learning as a full group, in small breakoff groups and personal time with one of our trainers. Register now while we still have open seats. Once you've registered, we'll contact you with additional details about the event.

  • Ticket Perks: Bring a Guest + 90-Day Membership Access ($147 Value)

    Do you have a spouse or partner that you would like to attend training with you? No problem, just let us know and we will include a ticket for them at no extra cost. In addition, you won’t need to worry about lunch, it is provided by us! Not only that, but we also give you 90-Days access to the TSS Membership Program ($147 Value) as a bonus. We promise you won’t find a better 3-Day Training Workshop with so much value! Take up our offer and sign up now…

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Our Upcoming 3-Day Online
Workshop Events


San Antonio, TX. July 19-21, 2024


Register for 3-Day In-Person Tax Sale Workshop: San Antonio, TX Area

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Yes, you can bring a guest at no extra cost.

Yes, you will be provided lunch during the 3-Day event included in the ticket price.

Yes, each attendee will have personal time with our Coaches to help you evaluate your goals and determine your investment strategy.

Yes, you will break out into small groups with one of our trainers to help answer questions and brainstorm as a group!

If you are not happy after the first day of the event, let our trainers know and we will refund your money.

Because after teaching hundreds of 3-Day attendees their feedback tells us along with their success.

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