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Tax Sale Investor 1-Day Online Workshop:

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August 12,2023 at 9AM to 4PM

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  • We are limiting the spots on the 1-Day Online Workshop to a small group of investors. We want to give attendees the chance to ask questions by Chat and Online Q&A.
  • So there is only so many spots available for this Online Training Event. Get your tickets now and get registered while seats are still available.

Plus Free Strategy Session Included!

  • In addition to the 1-Day Online Workshop, attendees will also be given a Bonus Strategy Session with every ticket. During the 1-Day you will be given a Calendar link to register for your Strategy Session.
  • One of our Strategy Coaches will give you a call and help you determine the best plan for getting started.

Trainers: Stephen Swenson & Shade Ferre


Years of Experience


Trained Students

They have spent the last 20 years dedicated to online based investing in tax liens and tax deed foreclosures.


‌The 1-Day Online Workshop is a condensed version of our 3-Day Onsite Training. Learn how to Find, Research, Buy & Sell Property! 

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3-Ways to join the 1-Day: Non-Members

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New Members that signs up for the 1-Year Membership will receive a 1-Day ticket as a Bonus. The 12-month Membership program is $348 which comes out to only $29 a month. This is our best deal, and will come with the 1-day ticket. Click on the link below to register for the 12-Month Membership and qualify for your Free 1-Day Ticket. This is our Best Value!

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Non-Member 1-Day Attendee: $99 Ticket

For those Non-Member investors that would like to attend the 1-Day Workshop the ticket price is $99. The ticket will include access to the Live 1-Day Workshop and also the link to the replay! No commitment or Membership needed. Click the link below to register for the 1-Day Online Workshop for only $99!

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Current Member that would like to attend the 1-Day Workshop can receive the 50% off Ticket by clicking on the link below. The link will direct you to a Password Protected Members page where you can get to the 1-Day Workshop coupon for only $49!

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Have More Question?

Questions are always good when you’re attempting to learn something new. We often get the same questions repeatedly. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below.

We will usually start at (8:00 AM PST / 11:100AM EST) and end around (2:00 PM PST / 5:PM EST) but can run a bit longer. Please check the 1-Day Schedule above for the exact time and date of our next 1-Day.

Yes, we will break for questions throughout the training. And some questions will be answered later in the training. But if you can’t get to your question, it will be answered during your Strategy Session.

The goal of the 1-Day is to help investors review how to Find, Research, Buy and Sell tax sale property. We try to focus on what we think is most important for investors to understand when getting started with Tax Liens or Tax Deeds.

Yes, we will stop for a short 30-Minute lunch break halfway through the training. Along with grabbing some lunch, attendees can call into our 800 Number to set up their Strategy Session or schedule it online.

No, you can attend the 1-Day as a Non-Member for $99. The ticket fee includes the online 1-Day Workshop, Strategy Session and a link to the Replay Recording of the Training.

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